#ZMM50thRide – The ZMM 50th Anniversary Ride

After suggesting a 50th anniversary “Zen Ride” – we are pleased to announce sufficient interest has been expressed that we are committed to the #ZMM50thRide going ahead in July. Details of other events that will tie-in at the start, finish or along the way are still subject ongoing arrangements, but the proposed itinerary is now published here.

The ZMM50th Anniversary Ride – #ZMM50thRide

Those of you with motorcycles are clearly encouraged to use them for the ride, but bikes are not compulsory 🙂 All are welcome and there will in any event be a number of people in cars following the route and/or supporting the ride.

We’re anticipating one or more restored Honda CB77 being involved, and we will update the #ZMM50thRide page with other details as they become available.


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