Spotlight on Pirsig’s Talk from 1974

As we organise all the Pirsig-related resources available to the RPA, both textual and audio-visual, we cannot emphasise highly enough how valuable is the recording of the talk Bob gave to the Minneapolis College of Art, just a few weeks after the publication and meteoric success of ZMM in 1974.

Transcribed extracts are also included in “On Quality”, the selection published in 2022, a paperback edition of which is released next month on April 9th.

The magnetic-video-tape was only discovered by his widow Wendy when archiving his work after his death in 2017, then digitised and published on YouTube by son Ted in late-2022. Direct from the horse’s-mouth at the very time he was most focussed on his intended messages. The media-technology is part of the message, as is the creative process itself.

Highly recommended.


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