We’d Love to have your Pirsig Testimonial

As the RPA work to confirm further #ZMM50th events, this would be a good time for you to let us have your Pirsig Testimonial in time for the 50th anniversary date of ZMM publication on 15th April.

Please use the contact form to let us know in a few sentences how you came to read Pirsig’s work and its relevance to your life and/or work. We will add yours to those already on our Pirsig Testimonials page.


First Milestone of #ZMM50th

Hi folks, notice that the first timetabled event of #ZMM50th is the publication tomorrow, Tuesday 13th Feb, of the 50th Anniversary Edition of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, complete with new foreword by Matthew Crawford.

Click to order direct from HarperCollins.

So far as we know, only the “Trade Paperback” is immediately available to order and only in the US & Canada. No sign of it on Amazon, nor any other publisher or retailer outside the US & Canada so far as we can see. Maybe we all need to let our usual book suppliers know that we’re interested in obtaining copies 🙂


RPA & #ZMM50th – First News of 2024

As we approach the end of January 2024 we have a general news update for RPA members. We had a surge in new subscribers immediately following the new year, bringing our total to 108 members. We welcome new members and wish everyone a happy 2024.

The #ZMM50th Commemorative Ride:

Most interest expressed so far has been from bikers keen to take part in a commemorative ride over all or part of the ZMM route. As per the 1968 original, fixed points so far are setting out from Minneapolis MN Monday 8th July and reaching Gardiner MT exit from Yellowstone on Friday 12th. Planning is now actively underway and we will have a further update specifically on this event in due course. In the meantime, offers of help with organising the event(s) or expressions of interest are always welcome.

#ZMM50th – 50th Anniversary generally:

Take a look at the recently updated the #ZMM50th page which now reflects all dates confirmed so far and will be updated as we have news of other events. Please use the contact form(s) to express interest or share details of your own plans. Any Transatlantic sailors out there 🙂 ?

#RPA – Robert Pirsig Association resources

After creating the initial WordPress-based RPA web site, there was a pause to consider possible alternative flexible / sustainable technologies and arrangements for the RPA’s Pirsig resources, but it looks like we are sticking with the current implementation for the foreseeable future. The updated Resources pages have been re-organised, and more comprehensive links will be added progressively. Our priority is to be sustainable, with organisation and off-line back-ups etc, beyond the life of any one on-line project.

The RPA itself needs to consider its long-term sustainable organisation in order to manage future resources. If you have thoughts or questions on the organisation generally, or on content / resources not yet recognised, check out the About and Resources pages and please do make contact.

Social Media

Remember that the RPA is in collaboration with ZMMQuality on Facebook. and ZMMQuality on X/Twitter. If you follow, you will see additional items of interest shared there, with an opportunity for informal interaction.


RPA Speakers Bureau

We are pleased to announce creation of the Robert Pirsig Association’s Speaker Bureau. This is a prime time to book a speaker to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in 2024.

Photo: Mark Richardson outside Robert Pirsig’s Otis Ave home in St. Paul, MN.

Canadian journalist and author of Zen and Now: On the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Mark Richardson headlines the current list. Visit the RPA Speaker Bureau page to learn more about Mark and our other speakers. You can also volunteer and/or recommend other speakers.