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Description automatically generatedThe Robert Pirsig Association

Holding page for “The Robert Pirsig Association” (*) @ robertpirsig.org

ABOUT: Created to support the promotion of and engagement in the life, literary and philosophical works of Robert Pirsig.

·       Status July 2019 – under new registration and hosting arrangements @ Dreamhost.com
(Old resources of robertpirsig.org and pirsig.org partially recovered from web archive and awaiting republication.)

·       For all content & technical queries – anthonymcwatt@hotmail.com


RESOURCES: General news, discussion, events and links to other resources and archives.

For academic philosophical education resources see The MOQ University.

For general interest around the people, places and narrative of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, visit “ZMM Quality” and their Facebook page for highlights and updates.



(*) Status as a non-profit association by mutual agreement and obligations of trustees & members. Not yet trading as either a company or a registered charity. Status established under UK legal arrangements does not preclude wider international association or foundation non-profit arrangements.

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