Robert M Pirsig (6 Sept 1928 – 24 Apr 2017) was most famously the author of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – an Inquiry into Values” (ZMM, 1974) – generally considered the best-selling philosophy book of all time – a best seller that still sells today. He also wrote a follow-up work “Lila – an Inquiry into Morals” (Lila, 1991) in which he elaborated his “Metaphysics of Quality” (MoQ).

The Robert Pirsig Association (the RPA) exists to support the promotion of, and engagement in, the life, literary and philosophical works of Robert Pirsig and their Quality in relation to wider schools of thought and action, applicable to life, the universe and everything, including the academy itself.

Our immediate focus is #ZMM50th – the fact that 2024 is the 50th anniversary of publication of ZMM:

For more about Pirsig and the RPA beyond the immediate #ZMM50th arrangements above please start with our Online Resources page. Thereafter please browse other content via the menus and make contact with any queries, suggestions or offers of help. The RPA currently operates as an unincorporated non-profit association run by volunteers at their own costs. ]