More April 2024 Pirsig News

Apologies for two news posts inside one week, but things are happening in this busy #ZMM50th anniversary period.

The Inaugural Online Chautauqua

Thanks to all of those who delivered our inaugural on-line Chautauqua and to all those that attended.

#ZMM50th Events

We have one new item added to our #ZMM50th events page. If you are in the San Diego area on May 6th there is – a Philosophy Talk on “ZMM at 50” at San Diego Central Library, by professor Steven Barbone of San Diego State University, CA.

Literary Inspiration?

The earliest literary review of Pirsig’s ZMM – by the “stellar” George Steiner as Jim Landis reminded us in the Chautauqua above – compared Bob’s road-trip “quest” for the meaning of life to that of Melville’s Ahab in Moby Dick. Much more recently the RPA notes that the celebrated, and thankfully still living, magical-realism author Salman Rushdie describes his own inspiration in Bob’s ZMM.


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